Thank you for visiting my site. As I suspect you have already read, I firmly believe that quality information must circulate freely, which is why I chose this form of expression – wondering daily about the invention of the Internet and the connections it can make.

Because I was asked by many people with what I do in daily life and above all … “but if you do all this for free, what do you live for?”, I will answer here, in short, with gratitude for the interest to my person.

I am a visual artist and I like the practical side of art. For over 5 years I have been painting on the water and have art courses (put into practice!) With the little ones and the big ones. I make handmade items, either wood, silk or metal. My great joy is to paint scarves, create jewelery, or let my imagination fly to the top of my pen or brush.

Here are some pictures of what I’m creating and – hoping that my color blends will make you happy – I will post models available for sale on my website.

I think this is the most sincere way to “monetize” my talent, the support of my readers and admirers of my work being the chance to give me time to create and research … to be able to offer with open heart and without limitations information, as valuable as possible to you.

Thank you!