Astrology and self-knowledge have been and are fascinating topics for me. I believe that knowing you and understanding you better gives you the opportunity to increase your quality of life. If you want, I'm here to decipher the mysteries of your home map. I am sure that the discoveries will be surprising, both for me and for you.

We can work using several types of methods and techniques of self-knowledge, I will adapt to your needs. Regardless of whether the chosen topic is related to your own person, career or relationship, the astrological services I offer have a fixed cost and payment is made either directly with the card on the site, or by PayPal (transfer here: or using e-mail adress , regardless of whether you choose to meet face to make or prefer the online meeting (Zoom, Whatsapp, FB etc.)

The cost of a session is determined by the complexity of the topics covered, so there are 4 types of services (all types of charts I make combine self-knowledge systems such as Human Design, Gene Keys, European Astrology and Vedic Astrology, if you prefer a certain system, please let me know):

  • Natal Chart - we discuss in detail the most important topics that appear in your natal chart - the session 50 -60 min.and price is 120 euros. ( aprox. 138 usd). or 90 min sessions is 200 euros. ( aprox. 214 usd).
  • Couple / Relationship dynamics Charts we discuss in detail your chart and that of your loved one and focus on the dynamics of the couple the one hour session is 150 euros. (aprox. 175 usd). and the 90 minutes session is 225 euros (aprox. 240 usd).
  • Family Chart - we talk about you, your spouse and children, focusing on the family dynamics and how the little ones can be better understood and guided on a harmonious, aligned with their natural gifts - the meeting is an h and a half (90 min.) and the price is 255 euros. (aprox. 240 usd)..
  • Follow-up session- a service offered exclusively for returning customers who want to deepen the understanding of their chart or have topics to discuss based on the charts already calculated in the first session - the session 40 min. session is 85 euros. (aprox. 98 usd) - (final price, no coupon or discount can be applied).
  • Hologenetic Gene Keys Profile - Deepening the Unique Themes Activated in Your Genetic Codes - this type of session is dedicated to those who want to deepen their Hologenetic GK Profile and to those who want to work in private sessions with this wonderful teaching. We will detail what the three frequency bands on the Keys mean, which is the meaning of the lines and spheres in your profile. We can also combine the Astrology part, in order to better anchor the information from the Hologenetic Profile. This type of reading is suitable for those attracted by intense, deep study and those who want to work constantly with the Self. The session of one hour session is 130 euros (aprox. 152 usd). and 90 min. session is 205 euros (aprox. 220 usd).
  • Planetary Rhythms in your life this type of 1 to 1 session is addressed to those who want to better understand the specific phases they are going through, from an astrological point of view. It is useful for those who have gone through the following planetary cycles: the return of Saturn (28-30 years, 58-59 years), the opposition of Uranus (38 - 45 years), the return of Chiron (49 - 51 years) . These stages are very important in our development and in the harmonious and mature evolution, and Astrology helps you to integrate more easily the lessons with which these planetary cycles come. The 40 min. session in 100 euros. (aprox. 115 usd).
  • Lilith's Journey - Rebellion and liberation - this type of session is dedicated to free spirits who want to understand the specific path that Lilith's energy shows in the natal chart (Lilith is a placement that indicates the areas of rebellion, repression and liberation, contact with the taboo, sexuality and independence). We will detail the three main types of Lilith placements in the natal chart - the Lilith Asteroid, the Dark Moon and the Black Moon. We will discuss what is their placement in the houses and the signs in your natal chart, what their energy means and how this journey influences your personal life. The session of 45 min. is 95 euros. ( aprox. 110 usd).
  • Charts focused on the priority / interest topic for you - Health, Career, Vocation, Finance, etc. - this type of session is dedicated to those who want to understand ONE specific aspect of the birth chart (it can be about health, the right choice of career, the topic of gifts development or earning money, etc.) and need a detailed view on a particular topic important part of their lives. We will discuss what is the placement of certain houses in your natal chart, what that planetary / zodiacal energy means and how it influences your life. The session of 35 min. session is 85 euros. (aprox. 98 usd).
  • Dominant Planet - this type of session is designed for people who want to have a broader perspective on the natal chart and offers a broader view of the astrological dynamics specific to their lives. We will discuss which is the dominant planet in your Natal Chart, what that planetary energy means and how it manifests in everyday life, looking at personal planets and personal topics. The session of 30 min. is 65 euros (aprox. 75 usd).
  • Sphere of Inner Call / Sphere of Outer Call - this session is designed for people who want to better understand their inner essence (SQ) and what are the main blockages that limit the easy expression of native talents. We will also analyze the ways in which they can be calibrated more easily and pleasantly with their higher purpose, bringing prosperity (Pearl) and fulfillment. The session of 30 min. session is 85 euros. (aprox. 98 usd).
  • The Story of the Unique Activation - this intense session is designed for people who want to deepen certain specific activations in their natal chart (keys, gates, certain astrological degrees, etc.) and what are the main gifts and challenges that these activations bring in their lives. The session of 30 min. is 55 euros (aprox. 63 usd).
  • Let's get to know each other! - Free meeting dedicated to those who want to meet me and who have not worked 1 to 1 sessions with me. We will discuss for 15-20 minutes about your interest in Astrology, what types of services are right for you, what types of courses you might like and we will have the opportunity to interact before deciding if you want to explore the field of Knowledge and Self-knowledge with me. We can talk about topics of interest to you, about how you think Astrology can be useful to you and about anything you consider relevant in the evolutionary path. You can write me your complete date of birth - day, month, year, time of place of birth, so that I can generate and send you the Charts.
  • In order to be able to calculate the Charts, the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (as accurate as possible) in needed. If the time of birth is not clear, it would be helpful for me to have a time frame in which you know you were born (for example: in the morning - between 9.00 and 10.15, or in the evening between 18.30 and 21.00). If the time is totally unknown, we will focus on planetary positions and less on rising / descending sign.

    You can make an appointment either by writing to me here sau here, or using directly the calendar below. I will confirm the appointment as soon as possible. If within a maximum of one day from the appointment you have not received any sign back from me, please give me a text message on WhatsApp at +40723.563.053 and mention you have an unconfirmed appointment. Thanks! Let's grow and evolve together!

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