Dear Priestesses and dear Wise Souls,

We invite you to step together into the fascinating world of the Priestess / Sage Capricorn. The world of CapriCrone! Whether you have the Sun, the Moon, personal planets in Capricorn, activations in House 10 or Keys / Gates 10, 58, 38, 54, 61, 60, this course will explore the energy of the Archetype of the Priestess / Sage Capricorn. The series dedicated to exploring the Presence of the Priestess is now in its third activation. We've explored the Virgo sign, the Scorpio sign so far. We dedicate the course to exploring the deep themes activated by Capricorn. We called the course CapriCrone, because we invite you to spend time together entering a space of Knowledge, of the Wise Old Souls. You will see why the magical realm of energy of this sign is so strongly linked to the classic fairy tales wisdome, like - Youth without old age and life without death.

The course is for both beginners and advanced explorers of Astrology, GK or Knowledge.

The webinar dedicated to this topic takes place on January 16, 2021 from 18.30 p.m Bucharesti time ( that is 16.30 UTC time) The course takes place online, on Zoom and its price is 33 euros. Payment can be made below, via card. The access data will be sent by e-mail or FB after completing the registration form.

See you in the CapriCrone World!

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