The first post in the Astre category will dedicate my moon to Scorpio. I hope it will be useful to other owners of such moons. I’ve been interested in astrology about … always. I enjoyed reading about astrology, I was interested in discovering my own natal chart and helping loved ones understand the tangled language of the stars. Regardless of the system, the type of perspective on the native map, my moon’s position in the natal chart remains in this sign (for the curious, she is either in house 7 or 8 according to the calculation method). What does the Moon in Scorpio mean to me and what to do with it?

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Much sensitivity, perseverance, intensity, magnetism, exploration and depth of desire. It has always been easy for me to “read” people, to feel how I connect from the first encounters with their deeper ones, with what they can be if they want to discover themselves. I feel when I have to act and when I have to act (although there were times when the whole body was saying no, do not do that … but I chose to reverse … not to forget the destructive and especially self-destructive component of Scorpio). A combination of intuition and instinct that sometimes overwhelms me … I admit, I still do not know how to use these guns, but I promise to teach myself. The concern to understand in depth what is happening around me – if a subject concerns me, I invest energy that seems inexhaustible to find out all the secrets, all the undersets. But let’s take it step by step:

  • Sensitivity – whether it is manifested by connecting to artistic manifestations, by focusing on the environment in which I am, by perceiving the richness of my or other emotions. I would associate the sensitivity of a kind of intuition, of one do not know the sense, of great receptivity.
  • The intensity and depth – I think there is a great courage that this position of the moon brings – the courage to explore depth, to look for authenticity and intensity. Sometimes it can take the form of a thirst for adrenaline or adventure, not necessarily bungee-jumping, but “ah, to do something unacceptable, to explore a mysterious situation.” I think scorpion lunates have a great vital force, an excellent ability to cope with heavy, intense, unexpected situations. I’ve always been looking for a living, whether it was my hiking or a play to which I choose to go – to feel the bell, even if it’s a well-hidden one.
  • The desire for exploration – maybe not a bubbly one of a moon in Sagittarius or Gemini, but it is determined and full of perseverance. For me, exploration is vital. I like to discover interesting places, interesting theories, interesting people (yes, the thirst for knowledge and exploration comes from Mercury in house 1, but here I am referring to another kind of exploration). When a Moon in Scopion wants to find out … find out everything! The courage that I write above and a certain fascination for the unforeseen can propel you to explore things that many people do not touch even superficially. I would stick to this desire for exploration and perseverance, which manifests itself as a kind of “until I get to the essence, I do not let it go!” – perhaps connected to the radar that detects the first depth, and perseverance appears as a desire to show us that we felt right (we are also doing misses).
  • Magnetism – the scorpion’s power of attraction is already ultra-discussed … what I find interesting in the case of the Moon in this sign (compared to the Sun or other planets in Scorpio) is that the fascination it exerts is often difficult to define or understandable. I believe that in this sign the Moon hides its enormous power of attraction … the result … you feel attracted, fascinated by a lunatic in Scorpio … and you can not know 100% why (it can take a lot of time to get to realize the true reasons for which you initially felt attracted). Yes, we can be charismatic, sophisticated, pleasant and powerful. We usually know to use our needle and we rarely get it. We will be attentive to the environment we are in and to the people around us and we will act only when necessary, because we know that without acting, we generate emotions and reactions.
  • Power – although it is not a lightweight position of the month, it brings the power of the game into play. For those with the Moon in Scorpio, concepts such as strength, domination, evolution, destruction, metamorphosis are essential. The tendency is to see this sign as a dark one, put on evil and with evil tendencies. Nothing more fake. For the owner of such a moon things are different. The balance between vulnerability and the strength of character, between supporting evolution and imposing force or between suffering and rebirth signifies only a few of the dance steps we do daily. Yes, the Moon in Scorpio has a lot of power that does not come with the instruction manual. Until you learn to obey and handle this power … it can be a little pampered.

What to do if we have this Moon – we or our loved ones?

Let us understand this unique combination of sensitivity, power and magnetism. Let us learn to use the power to transform us and to show others the possibilities of evolution. Let us use the courage to face the darkest aspects of reality and inspire others to realize that nothing is impossible. Let us understand that behind our enormous power of attraction is a sensible and receptive soul, so be careful of whose people and the environments we offer these gifts. Let us not be embarrassed to use that “nose” that signals us when something is not for us and to more verbalize this. Maybe we will bring light over this “dark” moon position that so many know so little.


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