Astrology and self-knowledge have been and are fascinating topics for me. I believe that getting to know and understanding yourself better gives you the opportunity to increase the quality of your life. If you want and need my guidance, I’m here to unravel the mysteries of your natal chart. I’m sure the findings will be surprising, both to me and to you.

We can work using several types of self-knowledge methods and techniques, I will gladly adapt to your needs. Regardless which is the chosen topic you wish to work upon, be it related to one’s own person, career or relationship, the astrological services I offer have a fixed cost and the payment is made either in cash, if we meet in person, or directly by bank transfer, possible alternative for online discussions ( Skype, Whatsapp, FB etc.)

The cost of a session is determined by the complexity of the topics addressed, thus, there are 4 types of services, ( I like joining systems of self-discovery so all of the provided services include the look at your Astrology placements, Gene Keys profile and Human design profile):

The Natal Chart – we discuss in detail the relevant topics of your

personal chart. The price for 40 min. session is 77 €.

Couple / Relational Chart – we discuss in detail your chart and your partners chart and focus on the dynamics of the couple. The price for 45 min. session is 95 €.

Family Chart – we talk about your chart, your spouses and childrens chart, focusing on the family dynamics and how the little ones can be better understood and guided on a harmonious path of evolution. The price for one hour session is 120 €.

Predictive Chart – we discuss the planetary influences on your natal chart and analyze the dynamics of the period ahead for you, in areas that are of interest – career, love, family, health. – The price for half-hour session is 60 €.
For a deep understanding of the planetary dynamics, it is recommended that the Natal Chart is done and discussed before the Forecasting / Predictive Chart. If both of the charts, the natal and prediction one are discussed in the same session, the price of a one hour session costs 90 €.

Follow-up session, for clients who come back and who want to deepen the understanding of a certain chart or have new topics for discussion. The price for the 40 min. session is 55 €.

Dominant Planet position Chart – this type of session is designed for people that need to get the larger perspective about their natal chart and life dynamics, with less tiring or complicated details and more broader view on their chart.  We will discuss which is the dominant planet in your chart, what that planetary energy means and how it manifests in your live, aspecting personal planets and personal subjects. The price for a 30 min. session is 50 €.

Inner Calling and Outer Calling Chart –  this session is designed for people that want to get a better understanding of their inner essence and what are the core wounds that limit their self-expression and how they can get on their path in easier and pleasant ways, following their higher meaning. The price for a 40 min. session is 55 €.

In order to calculate your birth chart, or the chart for another person, I need the date of birth, the place of birth and the time of birth ( as accurate as possible). If the time of birth is not clear, it would be helpful for me to set an approximate time frame ( for example: in the morning – between 9.00 and 10.15, or in the evening between 18.30 and 21.00). If the time is totally unknown, we will focus more on the planetary positions and less on the position of the rising / descending signs.

You can make an appointment either by writing here or here. I will confirm the appointment as soon as possible.