I’m glad you got to my blog. If you are visiting for the first time, I invite you to explore my articles in the Words. To make your search more enjoyable, I’ve compiled them as follows: Astro – you’ll find articles related to planets, zodiacs, axes, or lunar moons that are found in native maps, Book of the week – includes ideas about the books I’m studying At this time, Keys – presents his own contemplations on the wisdom of the world of the Keys of Genes and Human Design, Follow the bliss – reveals my artistic side and freedom of visual expression, Places and people … pretty clear, right? … Venus – thoughts and advice on health, ohiness, the joys and simple pleasures of life, the self-employed – the steps, challenges, techniques and visions of the courage to start on the road of self-knowledge, A different “book” – presents weekly interpretation of a book of sacred geometry, tarot, etc., as a good exercise of symbolic visualization.
If what you read was inspiring for you, I invite you to discover another side of me, the visual artist one, best represented through my works. The section Colors contains images with some of my works and the products I make.